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We Humanise Design To Deliver Exciting Experiences

We believe that people are at the heart of UX designs. So, we inject that human factor into every aspect of our UI/UX design services to create meaningful experiences and make your products and websites a pleasure to use .

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We'll Do More Than Just Making Things Look Nice

Our unique approach to UX/UI will help you create a site that your customers will be happy to use again and again.

Research & Strategy

We’ll find out your project’s ultimate goals and your target audience personas. And then our Ui/Ux designers will create a roadmap, project back-logs and other resources for further steps. 

Validated Prototype

We’ll create the first interactive prototype of the project to visualise the UX design and customer journey and ask for multiple feedbacks to come up with a winning UI/UX design.

Pixel-perfect UIs

We’ll make sure that your website’s or app’s interface will be pixel-perfect, visually ravishing, and useful. We will design the interface and share the UI kit with you.


User-Friendly Interfaces

We know that not everyone is tech savvy. Therefore, we will create beautiful UX that’s easy to navigate and understand.


Top Quality Work, Timely Delivery

We have a team of Ux/Ui designers dedicated to making sure your projects are done right and delivered in a timely manner.

Greater Conversions, Lower Bounce Rates

Our UI and UX design services will ultimately improve customer experience. There will be less confusion, frustration, and time wasted on finding what they need.

Smooth Work Process

Most projects fail due to miscommunication. At Hypabeez we have created a pain-free process that allows us to understand your needs in detail.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your business, its goals and technical requirement.

UI/UX Design

Our team gathers at the round table to ideate and design Ui/Ux for your website and share for your approval.


We will develop your website based on the approved design and make sure it is mobile responsive.

Going Live

We will handover the website with all the files and access, and help you migrate your site to a server hosting.

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How does UX/UI benefit you as a Business Owner?

UX and UI have been proven to help businesses of all kinds grow their revenue by 33%. So why don’t more companies invest in this?

The answer is simple: they don’t understand the benefits of UX/UI.

UX/UI is great for your company. Here’s why:

Deliver Experiences They Never Forget

It’s all about the experience we deliver to our audience that makes us memorable. We can help you build an unforgettable bond with your users through indelible UI and UX.

ui/ux design that will win you high interaction through amazing customer experience and engagement.
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Happy Words That Aren't Ours

“Designing a website can be a bit like being a kid and inheriting a sweetshop. It’s easy to get carried away.”
Gerry McGovern

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UI and UX?

The user Interface (UI) is a layer (made up of elements) that sits on top of the User Experience (UX) and is responsible for interactions between the user and the website/app.


User experience is more than just functionality, it’s the feeling a user endures when using a site/app. An example of a great UI is the button you click to see a movie/video, listen to audio, add items to the cart, etc. While UX is the way you navigate to reach the buttons and how clear the purpose of that button was.

Why is UI/UX design important?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are the two terms that represent the interplay between the technology or application and the human who is using it. Both play a major role in building a strong relationship with your customer. A user-friendly design can increase your user base by a few folds.


Similarly, a poorly designed interface can ruin your business. UI design makes technology work by converting complicated interactive processes into easy-to-use interfaces. A good user experience can result in increased customer retention, brand loyalty, a stronger online presence, and ultimately improved bottom line.


Thus, the ultimate goal of a ux/ui designer is to create an interface that’s easy to use and helps the user to accomplish their goals as quickly and easily as possible.

What are the UX/UI design features?

UI/UX design features are the elements that help build interactive websites/apps and provide important touchpoints in a user journey, for instance, buttons, scrollbars, menu items, checkboxes, containers with show/hide functionality, colours, graphics, etc.

What does a UI/UX design agency in Hong Kong do?

A UI/UX agency in Hong Kong is devoted to designing effective, intuitive, and human-centric user interfaces to deliver exciting experiences. The agency designs UX and UI for all digital applications and websites by focusing on the look and feel, how the functions are laid out, the speed they operate, the type of control, etc.

Let's Build Better Experiences Faster!

You have a great opportunity to win the hearts of your customers! Let our Ui/Ux experts help you with your business goals.