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Your business needs social media exposure where about 3 million global users spend 2 hours and 27 minutes on a daily basis. We’ll help you reach the right people with an effective strategy that drives growth and revenue.

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"We helped an online education platform gain 800% more conversions in 30 days."

Our Creative Process

At Hypabeez, our process is purely client-focused. We value your time and that’s why follow a pain-free process to put things in gear. 


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your business, its goals and competitors.


Our team will gather to devise the perfect plan of attack based on your company's objectives and target customers.


We'll create an initial presentation to further elaborate our plan of attack so you can get a clear understanding of what we'll bring to the table.

Campaign Kick-Off

Upon shaking hands. Our creative team gets to work and make sure you start getting results sooner than expected.

Purchase Decisions Are Made By Emotions Not Logic

Whether it’s fear, excitement, or confidence, no purchase decision has ever been made based on logic. If you can tell a story that touches the visitors emotions you will win that sale. It is the only way to stand out and beat your competition. At Hypabeez Digital we do just that!


We need to understand the pains, the fears, the position of your paid customer. We do our preliminary research to understand social behaviours within online communities and cultures.


Our ideas are powered by people and our strategy is based on the language of the internet. We always anticipate new ideas based on our clients’ brand objectives and prepare them to leverage new opportunities. 


We are a full service advertising agency that can deliver the full sha-bang when it comes to content. We not only create a monthly bundle of creative social assets but also make full-integrated advertising campaigns. 


By speaking your customers’ love language we can now curate the perfect story that they will fall in love with.


With our understanding of social behaviour, we create campaigns to create a community not just the audience. We distribute your brand stories across the social ecosystem with the help of  influencers. 

Get Noticed With Crafty Creatives

Our advertising is designed to speak to the deciding factors of the brain
Know your customer, build your buyer personas.

Speaking the Customers' Mind with Buyer Persona

With in-depth research we look at every angle of your customers’ life. With this in mind we know exactly where, when, how and why we can sell them your product. 

We’ll find out:

Best Social Practises

There are many practises on Social that will definitely get your ad account banned. We don’t want this to happen with you. We’re your trusted Facebook advertising agency in Hong Kong that’s like your older sibling. We’ll take you under our wing to ensure you get the best of everything. Is your ad account setup and ready for data collection? We need to discuss every little thing. 

Hypabeez Digital - Social Media Agency HK
First we ideate then we create mocks and bring those ideas to life via advertising.

What clients said about us

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social ads?

Social Ads are paid content run across social media platforms to increase brand awareness and attract sales-ready leads that convert. The anatomy of a social media ad contains a catchy title, a primary goal, a description, an attractive visual/video, and a CTA with a link that lands on a product/service. The CTA must be welcoming enough to let the audience interact with the ad. Social Ads are more visually dynamic and can be much more targeted with different methods and tactics.  

Why is social media advertising important for your business?

Social media advertising is an effective way to get your message across to people and grow your brand in a short period. You can reach a new, hyper-specific audience (based on their behaviours, interests, and demographics) for a fairly low investment. With a small amount of money to spend, you can test different variables to determine what works best.


Contact the best social media ad agency in Hong Kong to take your social media ad campaigns by storm.

What are the benefits of Social media marketing?

Every businessman knows the importance of social media content marketing. It is a vast expanse that is gaining a lot of popularity due to the major corporations that are using it and reaping profits. However, to use the power of social media, one has to post regular information on their page and they have to try and make the content fluid. Only then can they start to gain followers and followers may turn into consumers. It is all about providing value to the readers and anticipating their needs.  

What budget should I keep in mind for social media advertising?

There are no hard rules for allocating social media ad budgets. However, as per a recent 2021 CMO Survey, B2B and B2C businesses allocate the following percentage of marketing budget: 14.7% for B2B products, 21.8% for B2C products, 18.7% for B2C services, 18.3% for B2B Services. These averages serve as benchmarks for businesses with the same model. Yet, you have the liberty to tailor your overall social media spending around your current cash flow.

What is a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency helps businesses develop a strong social presence, build community, and achieve their revenue goals from both organic marketing and paid advertising. The creative agency develops viral social media content, videos, reels, and stories, runs campaigns, organises events, and more, communicating company voice and values to boost customer interactions.

What is the most effective social media advertising in terms of reach?

As per our experience, we’ve witnessed Instagram advertising reach far greater than Facebook – especially for E-commerce brands. And for any ad campaign, reach is the key metric. So, if you want to reach the most people, Instagram is the best option.

How effective are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are very effective for new or small businesses that want to promote their brand to attract new customers. However, the success of your ad campaign is primarily dependent on how smart your ads are and how creatively you’ve written the copy. If you want to boost profits you need to get the highest click-through rate possible. That said, you need to be creative with the ad spend. Even a $10 budget with a 1% CTR can lead to tremendous sales figures. If you continually measure the performance of previous campaigns. 

A Great Opportunity To Transcend Your Social Growth!

You have a great opportunity to reach out to your customers and tell them exactly what they care about. Your social media success is now on us.
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