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SEO can be a complicated process for most business owners – being so technical, they decide not to do it all. Allow us to take care of your search engine visibility. We’ll ensure to bring visitors to your site that are already searching for your products/services.

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"We helped an bespoke tailoring business selling in HK, UK, US and CA increased its visibility by 212% in just 6 months."

Our Work Process

We believe in clear communication and pain-free work process. Our team will take on all SEO projects and keep you in the loop so you can have a clear idea of where we’re heading.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your current position on search engine.


With the information gathered, our team will do an initial SEO audit and devise a strategy based on the audit.


We'll create a plan of attack and present it to you so you can see the next 6 to 12 months growth of your website.

Project Kick-Off

Upon shaking hands. Our SEO SEM teams roll up their sleeves and get to work so you can sit back and relax.

We only work on what you need

You Need More Than First Page Rankings

At Hypabeez Digital our team of SEO experts care only about moving the needle. We do what brings growth by ensuring top ranking keywords with higher search volumes. Whether you’re looking for higher sales or a steady influx of leads our team will create the right SEO strategy that projects you past your competitors. 

Real-time Data

As you gain traffic you need to collect all the visitor data to ensure you are equipped to make the right moves. 

ROI Obsessed

First Page rankings mean nothing if they don’t generate traffic. Our key efforts are to drive visitors that will convert.

100% Transparency

From keyword difficulty, search volumes to backlinks. Our team has made a pledge to never keep our customers in the dark.

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When Should You Start?

SEO is a long term but the most cost effect investment over time. The sooner you start your SEO journey the sooner you will start to gain traction.

The market is flooded with fake guarantees. We only do what benefits you.

Let's Be Real!

SEO is not a magical pill that allows you to win overnight. There are scenarios where SEO will not be right for you. Before we kick off with our SEO services in Hong Kong or make a commitment we need to analyse your chance to win. To ensure this our team of SEO technicians will start by analysing your website and it’s competitors. 

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Search rankings don't matter if the keywords don't have enough search volume

Happy Words That Aren't Ours

“A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.”
Paul Cookson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a set of techniques used to increase the traffic of a website by ranking it higher in search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) results. Every single page on your site should be optimised in a way that improves your website’s authority and performance on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

What are local SEO and national SEO?

Local SEO helps your business be more visible in search results of a specific geographic location. It can be extremely beneficial for any business with a physical location or that serves a specific geographic area. Let’s say, you have a coffee shop in Kowloon, Hong Kong, so when a person searches for a nearby coffee shop in Kowloon, all the shops will appear in order as per their Local SEO score. 


In contrast, national SEO helps your business be visible in search results of a specific country. For instance, if someone looks for an SEO agency hk on a search engine, they’ll see a list of SEO companies in Hong Kong based on their ratings, reviews, proximity, website authority, and Google Business Profile.

What is mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process of optimising websites for mobile devices so that mobile phone users can easily navigate through each page without any difficulty. Mobile SEO services can improve a website’s load time and make it responsive across all smartphone screens, delivering a seamless experience.

Why is having a mobile-friendly site so important for SEO?

Mobile search volume is growing at an exponential rate and a survey has reported that nearly 88% of local searches on smartphones led to a call or visit within 24 hours. Also, Google places huge importance on the mobile visitor experience. Google has gone to great lengths to make sure its search engine serves up the most useful results for mobile users. 


The two big factors that Google takes into account when judging mobile friendliness are mobile usability and a responsive design for different screen sizes on mobile devices. So, if you want to increase your web traffic and generate more revenue, allow us to make your website mobile-friendly.

How long does SEO take?

It depends. Typically, some SEO techniques are instantaneous and will take around 5 to 6 months for your site to appear in the SERPs. However, SEO should never be rushed and you must consider it as a long-term plan to build up your web presence and maintain it over time. You’ll see our search engine optimization marketing in hong kong to pick up the pace a bit and generate massive traffic over time – around 8 to 12 months on average.


Still, the timelines will vary on different factors: your niche, domain age, current rankings, website load time, targeted keywords, the right content strategy, and more. 

Will you do a free SEO audit?

Yes, always! Before taking on an SEO project, we do an initial SEO audit to assess the current state of your website/online store/blog. It will help us identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvements. A comprehensive SEO Audit will help us create an action plan to ace the search engine game.

What’s the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO focuses on tricking Google’s algorithm to get immediate results. It relies on spammy ways to create backlinks and improve rankings, but it can get your website banned by Google. In contrast, white-hat SEO focuses on ethical ways to create backlinks, build website authority, and gain traffic. And good things take time, so you have to wait patiently to see results.

Link building is the process of attracting links to your website through various promotional efforts, effective content, social interaction, and marketing techniques. These links can be no-follow links and do-follow links( the most important factor to determine the ranking of a website in search engine results). Leveraging differing link-building techniques to gain high-quality backlinks can help you build the credibility of your website and amplify your chances of ranking well and getting organic traffic.

What’s the benefit of hiring an SEO agency?

Hiring an SEO agency hk instead of an in-house SEO team can have many benefits. You only have to pay for Sem SEO services and wait patiently for the results. It will save you time and costs. An SEO agency will create a complete SEO strategy to improve your overall online presence, not just higher rankings. It’s about employing a crew of professional SEO experts who can help drive more traffic, sales-ready leads, and conversions.

How to pick the best SEO agency?

It’s very difficult to find a good SEO agency when you see every other guy claiming to generate miracles in a few months. It’s like choosing a reliable mechanic for your car. However, you can’t compare SEO agencies due to the complex nature of SEO marketing in Hong Kong. But if you need to pick the best SEO agency, the best way is to consider word of mouth – testimonials and case studies. 


Talk to as many people as you can, contact at least 5 SEO agencies, and ask all of them some basic questions. Can you describe your SEO process? What is your prime goal as an SEO agency? How can you improve my website traffic? What kind of results should I expect? What’s your SEO package? Although this is the best way it’s not 100% guaranteed. It’s always a bit of a gamble.


If you wish to hire an SEO agency in Hong Kong with a proven track record of getting results, contact our Digital Strategist today.

Can an SEO agency help me with lost keyword rankings?

Yes, why not! If you see a significant drop in organic keyword rankings and traffic, we highly suggest consulting a digital strategist at an agency. The expert will tell you the reasons why you’re losing traffic and keyword rankings. The problem has to be correctly diagnosed and a tailored strategy needs to be aligned with your goals. If you want Hypabeez to evaluate your website you can contact us anytime and we’ll make sure to reclaim your lost rankings.

What are your SEO packages?

Our SEO services HK packages vary according to your business model and a few other factors. We do a free SEO audit and guide you towards choosing the right SEO package for your business. You can always contact us for a FREE initial estimate. 

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