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Driving users to a landing page isn’t enough if you fail to convert them. Let design experts at Hypabeez enhance your landing page experience and generate more leads for your business.


Landing page development services that get quick results.

Your One-stop Landing Page Design Shop

Hypabeez offers landing page development services focused on data-driven conversion techniques. Our Landing page designs are proven to boost conversions.

Real-Time Data-Driven

Our landing pages are designed with conversion-focused metrics in mind—they’re beautiful, easy to use, and actionable.

Visual Keen Eye

We have a team of designers to create highly professional and visually appealing landing pages to delight every single visitor –  whether they’re coming from search engines or not!

SEO friendly

Our landing pages are optimised for both users and search engines. They’re SEO-friendly enough to rank higher in search engines and get more visitors.

Smooth Work Process

Our work process is smooth and transparent to avoid any miscommunication. We’ve created a pain-free process that allows us to understand your needs in detail without taking much of your time.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your business, its goals and technical requirement.

Landing Page Design

Our team gathers at the round table to ideate and design your landing page and share with you for your approval.


We will develop the landing page according to the approved design and make sure it is mobile responsive and customer-centric.

Going Live

We will handover the website with all the files and access, and help you migrate your site to a server hosting.

beautiful landing page design agency services in Hong Kong
Responsive landing pages design agency.

How does a landing page help a business?

Developing landing pages is a great way to help your business grow. Why? Because it’s easier than ever to drive traffic to your website, having a dedicated landing page for each product or service you offer will help you increase traffic by 10x or more!

A great landing page is more than just a pretty face. It’s a conversion engine. It can help you:

Bespoke Landing Pages That Deliver Results

We design landing pages from scratch with thoughtful UX wireframes and high-fidelity UI designs to get your business noticed and celebrated among the masses.

Happy Words That Aren't Ours

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
Milton Glaser

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a landing page?

A landing page refers to a web page particularly designed for a targeted campaign or advertising to persuade someone to take a particular action. It is also referred to as a “lead capture page” and is often used in advertising campaigns as a vehicle to drive leads and conversions. The goal of a landing page can be to sign up a new customer, sell a product or service, book a meeting for any seasonal trips, etc after a visitor lands on it by clicking on a Google ad or Instagram/Facebook ad.

What are the main differences between a website and a landing page?

A landing page is one page (no navigation) used to collect email addresses, sign-ups, and other leads from people who visit your website. A website is a collection of pages (with navigation), which are much longer and usually more corporate in style. 


Landing pages are designed to convert; they’re geared towards getting one specific task done, such as collecting a lead, email opt-in, or getting a visitor to check out a specific product. Its traffic comes from ads. Whereas, a website is designed to inform and its traffic comes from many sources.

What are landing page design services?

Our landing page design and development services include all aspects that can help users to take the desired action. Our process includes:


  1. Identifying your conversion goal 
  2. Brainstorming landing page design ideas that cover your direct value proposition
  3. Crafting actionable copy with compelling benefits
  4. Including irresistible, clear Call-to-Action (CTAs) 
  5. Setting up Google Analytics for conversion tracking
  6. A/B testing your landing page

Do I need SEO for landing pages?

It depends. If your landing page is seasonal then SEO is not needed. But if your landing page is designed to attract customers for the long term, like selling books or subscriptions, then SEO best practices are needed to reach the maximum audience in the long run.

Can I have 2 landing pages?

Yes, why not! If you have multiple products/offers for different audiences you can create multiple landing pages to make customer segmentation easier.

How much time does it take to design a landing page?

It purely depends on your requirements. If you have offers, reviews, content, and everything to showcase on a landing page, then the design process will take one week or less.

Need Landing Pages that Convert? Just Hypabeez It!

Our design experts are ready to create high-performing, unique landing page designs your business needs to convert at a good rate.