HypaClicks 2.0 - Full Funnel Marketing

The Shortest Campaign with The Fastest Results

Many times a website is not ready to capture customers. In which case, we will go ahead and create an event, a competition, a promotion to capture customers with precision. We design your funnel, build you the landing pages needed and drive serious traffic to help you achieve your goals.

Customer acquisition funnels all start with an idea

"We designed a competition that enlisted 112 participants & had over 900,000 spectators over a 4 week period."

Our work process

Most campaigns fail due to miscommunication. At Hypabeez Digital we have created a pain free process which allows us to understand your needs in detail.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your business, its goals and competitors.

Funnel Design

Our team gathers at the round table to ideate and design your winning funnel.

Funnel Presentation

We will present the funnel to your team. Details include - funnel, execution timeline, investment etc.

Funnel Kick-Off

This is where the real work takes place. We get to work executing the funnel into a reality.

Why HypaClicks 2.0?

Over the years we have implemented many customer acquisition funnels and inbound marketing funnels. With every HypaClick 2.0 funnel our tactics gain muscle.


We have the ability to market research and understand your customers down to the deepest of their emotions.

Laser Targeted

HypaClicks 2.0 is not only to achieve goals to perfection. When we build our funnels we focus on your exact customer.

Quick Wins

All our funnels are designed for a specific time and season. This allows us to reign in the win much faster and better.

inbound marketing funnels designed for higher efficiency and lower cost.
The right approach to full funnel marketing

What is a Funnel?

Funnels are an end to end journey that we map out depicting every touch point your potential customer will experience. With research into behavioural psychology and growth hacks we’re able to trigger them emotionally and prepare them for the next stage.

Reap the benefits:

Is HypaClicks 2.0 Suitable For You?

This is strictly designed for short-term campaigns. Not every business is suitable to engage in this system. Send us a message and we’ll analyse how ready you’re for the HypaClicks 2.0 system.

Are you ready for quick customer funnels
HypaClicks 2.0 by Hypabeez Digital

Happy Words That Aren't Ours

“Today it’s not about, “Get the Traffic”, it’s about “Get the targeted and relevant traffic.
Adam Audette

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypaclicks 2.0?

It’s the shortest campaign that delivers the fastest results because new businesses are often not ready to capture customers easily via the website. So, we’ll create a short-term, targeted campaign which can be a competition, an event, or a promotion, and alike to attract customers in less time. 


We design a targeted funnel and a landing page to help you achieve your business goals in less time.

Who needs the hypaclicks 2.0 campaign?

If any business intends to generate faster sales during a particular season or any other event, then Hypaclicks 2.0 is your solution. You don’t have to waste your valuable marketing budget and wait around for months to let the sales happen gradually over time. Simply contact us!

Why do businesses need funnel marketing?

Marketing funnels provide valuable data about your customer journey so you can understand where you are losing customers. With funnel marketing, you can develop better customer relationships, master your purchase cycle and get more meaningful growth. In fact, companies that create a targeted funnel to simplify the buying process are 62% more likely to generate sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

What’s the difference between b2b marketing funnels and b2c marketing funnels?

Marketing funnels vary according to customer base. B2C customers never interact directly with a company representative in the lower stages of the funnel, they often navigate the funnel alone. Whereas B2B customers interact directly with the representatives in the lower stage of the funnel. They’re more focused and have larger buying groups. Therefore, you need to adjust your funnel according to your target user personas to achieve effective results.

Let's HypaClick Your Digital Growth!

Our experts are always ready to clear your doubts and guide you about the benefits of HypaClicks 2.0 funnels so you can invest with confidence.