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Want to know whether your marketing investment is bringing profits? Even if we were to give you a strategy we would need to understand your efforts in detail. Engage an expert to have a detailed marketing audit for your brand.


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It’s very easy for marketing efforts to lose focus. Many a times there’s no tangible way to understand how well you are doing. Let us execute a digital marketing audit to improve your success score. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a digital analyst?

A digital analyst is a professional who uses data and analytics to understand and optimise the performance of a company’s digital initiatives, such as websites, online advertising campaigns, and social media platforms. Digital analysts typically work in marketing, e-commerce, or other business functions where a strong online presence is critical to success. They may also be known as web analysts or online analysts.

What does a digital analyst do?

Digital analysts use a variety of CRM and intelligence tools and techniques to analyse data from online sources, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and social media engagement. They use this data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement, and to make recommendations to stakeholders about how to optimise the digital experience for customers or users.


Digital analysts may also be involved in setting up and maintaining tracking systems to collect data on digital performance, as well as in developing and implementing tests and experiments to evaluate different approaches to improving the digital experience.

Why is digital analysis important?

Digital marketing analytics help companies understand and optimise their digital channels for reaching and engaging customers in today’s digital world.


It further helps you:

  • Understand customer behaviour
  • Make data-driven decisions about digital strategies
  • Measure the impact of digital initiatives, such as the success of an online marketing campaign or the effectiveness of a new website feature.


By using this information, you can deliver personalised experiences to your customers.

What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit is typically an evaluation of the company’s website (its design, functionality, and the content), company’s strategy and performance on social media platforms, email marketing campaigns ( the design and content of emails, subject lines, and open rates), online advertising campaigns ( the targeting, messaging, and performance of the ads), and the tools and processes used to collect and analyse web analytics data.

Why do a digital marketing audit?

The results of a digital marketing audit can help a company identify areas for improvement in its digital marketing efforts and make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and focus its efforts going forward.

When should I need a digital marketing audit?

When you think that your business is not achieving its revenue goals, your marketing strategy is failing miserably, and your  growth is stagnant, you need a digital marketing audit.


However, there are several situations when a digital marketing audit may be useful:

  • When launching a new digital marketing campaign
  • When looking to optimise an existing digital marketing campaign
  • When rebranding or redesigning a website to ensure all elements are aligned with the marketing strategy.
  • When entering a new market to understand the digital landscape and identify opportunities and challenges.


Contact our digital experts at Hypabeez to conduct a comprehensive digital marketing Audit to identify loopholes and find opportunities for improvement.