Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Nothing Matters More
Than Capturing Data

No campaign is successful unless you can collect data. Whether you’re trying to understand the source of traffic or use data to retarget customers. Conversion Tracking is a must have!

It all starts with conversion tracking. Without it your digital marketing will fail.

Our Process Is Data-Oriented

Most ad. campaigns fail due to inappropriate gtm conversion tracking. Hypabeez has data miners who not only capture data but also do cross domain tracking gtm to understand the campaign performance and devise new strategies based on the captured data.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into what you are trying to achieve.

Conversion Plan

Our data experts will create an audit entailing everything that needs fixing and creating.


We will send you a document with all the deliverables in a single spreadsheet.


We get to work. Dependant on project size. We can generally complete the task in 5-7 days.

That's How We Track!

Data Audit

An audit on your given accounts will be taken. Then we will create a spreadsheet explaining your current and future setup.

UA to GA4 Migration

Google Analytics UA will soon to be redundant. Lets help you retain valuable data by migrating it to GA4.

Data Tools Setup

Do you have Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or Heatmaps setup. If not you need it.

Conversion Tracking Setup

When someone interacts on your website. Do you know the source? How many times that button was clicked? Lets help you retain this golden data. 

Data Clean Up

Too many ad accounts? This is no way to operate your digital efforts. We will help you declutter and make your efforts effective and simple.

Data Analysis

Hate numbers? We are trained to pull out insights and understand user behavioural trends. Our data specialists will happily make business simpler.

Steps to better conversion tracking.
UA to GA migration done reliably.

UA to GA4 Migration

By the 1st of July 2023 UA will be made reduntant. As we speak Google is already deleting modules from UA. This means a ton of data gone before you can retain it.

Why hire us?

Dare To Ignore Our Free Data Audit

Want an initial audit of your site before kickstarting things? Let’s help you do an audit. Yes Free of charge! Wait pause before you commit.

We will help you with cross domain tracking
gtm conversion tracking will help you capture more leads and increase sales.

What clients said about us

“Google Analytics is the best friend of all Digital Marketers as it dictates the decision-making and success of every website.”
Dr. Chris Dayagdag

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is the process of monitoring the actions of customers toward the completion of a goal from an ad – whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, called your business, downloaded your app, or left an item in a cart. Conversion tracking allows you to see the direct results of your marketing campaigns, which in turn helps marketing and sales teams identify new growth opportunities.

Why is conversion tracking important?

Conversion tracking ensures a better understanding of the campaign performance for future optimisation. Without conversion tracking, you don’t know if any changes to your campaign have resulted in more sales or website traffic—you’re just guessing. With data from gtm conversion-tracking or tracking pixel, you’ll have definite proof of what works and what doesn’t so that you can focus on strategies that drive revenue for your business. You can make data-driven decisions, identify top-performing keywords, indicate the strength of ad copy, and optimise a website for better performance.

How do you align conversion tracking with business goals?

To ensure that your conversion tracking is aligned with your business goals, we make sure the information on your website guides visitors toward completing desired actions.


While it’s helpful to know how many times a contact form is submitted or how many calls are made, we also collect more detailed information about the types of interactions people have with your website.


Enabling a connection between your Google Ads account and the site’s Google Analytics allows us to track engagement metrics (such as bounce rate, and pages per visit) and micro-conversions that occur following an ad click. This is also called Google analytics conversion tracking.

How do I start tracking conversions?

To ensure that conversion tracking is done properly, you must first set goals and align them with what you wish to track.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Create a goal for each conversion.
  • Set up goals based on your tracking code and if you have a specific page (or page path) you want to track, be sure to set up a goal for that page.
  • Once you set your goals, you’ll see them in Google Analytics under “Goals” in the left sidebar and also as part of an overview report at the top of your “Acquisition” tab.

Why track conversions in Google Ads?

If you aren’t using Google Ads conversion tracking, your account could be at risk of underperforming. Conversion tracking Google or Cross domain tracking gtm allows you to see the best performing ads with max conversions. By examining the performance of your campaigns, you can make adjustments to their keywords, budgets, and bidding strategies. You’ll also be able to apply successful strategies from one campaign (if applicable) across other less successful ones.

What are the types of conversions you track with Google Ads?

Depending on your business goals, the number and types of conversions you track may vary. Google defines five main conversion actions when setting up a new account:


  • Website actions: purchase, form-fill, button click, and more.
  • Phone calls
  • App installations and in-app conversions
  • Imported or offline conversions: 
  • Local conversions: occur across Google Maps. Such as clicks to call, viewing a menu, or getting directions.

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