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We are an international digital agency that operates out of Cyberport, Hong Kong’s leading innovation and technology hub. We love crafting beautiful designs, building results-oriented websites, and spring-boarding your brand in a digital world.


It’s not just about website aesthetics; a strategy has to be in place. Your standing in the market, your competitors, and your audience should all be researched. Your strategy should align your website, print, and social content for results. Measuring your ROI can help evaluate your success.


Whether it’s about rejuvenating a brand, launching a new website or rolling out a marketing campaign, relentless attention is required for execution. But execution is not just about delivering a product. It’s about service, and the ability to bring about and consummate a great idea.


The need for communication is essential. It builds trust and removes room for error. We try and keep a record of all our client communication, something that can be referred back to. We will keep the conversation going throughout the project duration to address issues and give status updates.


Once your project has been completed, the prospect of being thrown in the deep end can be daunting. We understand the need for ongoing support, especially in the event of unforseen circumstances. Therefore, we are more than happy to provide technical help and support whenever necessary.


Think of us as a Swiss Army Knife for all your digital needs. We strive to provide a full range of services — everything from strategy and design, to development, marketing and support.

Free Consultation/Report.

Please feel free to seek our advice, or alternatively, request a free marketing report from our experts. No obligations.

Campaign Strategy.

Broadcast your brand and bring your ideas to life. We can help guide you from conception to inception.

UX/UI Design.

Our designs go deeper than just pretty pixels. We design intuitive solutions that align with human behaviour.

Web/Email Admin.

As a digital partner, we can manage your web, domain, and email hosting, and deal with other vendors on your behalf too.

Web Development.

We build responsive websites, and applications for the web and mobile using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Content Management.

We prefer wordpress for simple publishing, and Drupal for more complex content management requirements.

Video Production.

Effective videos can engage like no other. Our preproduction, filming, editing, motion graphics and animation will captivate your audience.

Print Design.

In reailty, your print materials are the only bits of your company that remain after a meeting. Let’s ensure they work.

Digital Marketing.

Our marketing team will work to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online presence.


We at Hypabeez Media, do not try and take on every project that comes our way. We strongly believe that integrity comes before any material gain; and will only commit to a project that we can honestly and whole-heartedly make contributions to. The following are examples of work that we can do for you.