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We are a web design and digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong with extensive experience in helping businesses succeed online. If you need help generating leads or growing your company’s digital presence, our skills will get the job done!


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Fast way to get quick results with funnel marketing.

HypaClicks 2.0

Sometimes it can be difficult to capture the perfect customer at just any time of year. If you are looking for a specific season and want faster sales, then HypaClicks 2.0 is your solution! This system lets businesses capture the right audience based on their growth goals. Clients win without wasting too much valuable marketing budget or manpower waiting around wondering why nothing’s happening fast enough–we’ve got this handled so all that matters now are those eager customers who want something new from you – let ’em come knocking anytime because we’re ready.

Our work process

Most campaigns fail due to miscommunication. At Hypabeez Digital we have created a pain-free process which allows us to understand your needs in detail.


We will jump on a call with you to deep dive into your business, its goals and competitors.


With the information gathered, our team will gather to devise the perfect plan of attack.


This plan of attack will be presented to you. The process explained.

Campaign Kick-Off

Upon shaking hands. Our team gets to work. We begin bringing to life your dream.

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"We helped a combat sports e-commerce brand selling worldwide increase sales by 120% in under 10 days. All it took was one ad campaign."

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“The objective of a website is to bring a visitor who brings another visitor.”
Amit Kalantri

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a skilled marketing agency do?

A marketing agency helps its clients in one or more areas of digital marketing to help them achieve their business goals. Identifying opportunities, aligning them with business objectives, and tracking results to see the loopholes are three fundamental responsibilities of a great marketing agency.


Other responsibilities include:

  • SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Google Display Advertising
  • Content strategy, planning, and marketing
  • Web design, development, and maintenance
  • Landing pages, UI/UX, and Ad.creatives
  • Campaign creation, management, and conversion tracking
  • Digital consultation

Why is digital marketing important for my business?

Digital marketing is a great way to reach a large audience because more than 2.5 billion people are using the internet and spend 3.5 hours on average on social media daily.


A digital marketing campaign can help you increase your customer base, improve customer retention rates, generate new leads, and help you stay in touch with customers by providing them with the information they need. Moreover, you can also measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments as needed.


It’s without a doubt that if your company does not invest in digital marketing, you will quickly fall behind and lose your customers to your competition.

What’s better for my startup? SEO or PPC?

SEO has the potential to make your business evergreen on search engine rankings but it’s a time-consuming process. – especially for your target keywords. Getting to the first page requires patience to let the traffic pour in. Once you get the rankings, maintaining them can be relatively easy.


However, PPC can start bringing in leads and sales immediately which every startup usually needs. But PPC campaigns only work if the person in charge of the campaign is an SEM-veteran who knows the process like the back of their hand. 


What’s better for your startup can only be determined based on your expectations. Where does your audience hang out online? What are your current goals and budget?However, based on our experience, we think that PPC is a good option for startups to scale immediately and then switch to SEO.


If you’re still confused about what’s better for your business, please contact our digital strategists and they’ll help you become familiar with the entire process.

Why should I hire you?

It might be tempting but extremely challenging for business owners to handle their marketing in-house. A marketing agency for startups like Hypabeez acts as an extended team that has the systems, experience, experts, and skills to help you get results in record time.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments via bank transfer or whichever option is convenient for you. Our only goal is to simplify things.

What's the standard marketing agency fee?

The agency fee depends on the complexity and timeframe of the project and the number of services needed. It varies depending on clients’ requirements. However, a ballpark estimate for all digital marketing services in Hong Kong is between HKD 10,000 and HKD 60,000 per month depending on the type of services and business models.


If you want to know about our marketing services packages, contact us today! 


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